Panglao: Sun Apartelle

Be warmly welcomed and enjoy your well deserved vacation in Sun Apartelle, an apartment-hotel in the island of Panglao. This resort has distinguished itself through its exclusive and comfortably furnished apartments and the first-class service.

In particular, Sun Apartelle offer you a new standard of ambience. You find not only a special swimming pool but also a comfortable restaurant with a cocktail bar equipped extremely well. Perfect for guests who seek restfulness, peace and privacy. Ideal for all kinds of water sports and sunbathing.

Be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive such a luxurious Philippines vacation can be. The Mabuhay travel magazine wrote about Sun Apartelle as "best value for money". You can book directly over the internet or fax. The resort will gladly to pick you up from the nearest airport or pier (Tagbilaran or Cebu) if you desire.

If you wish to spend a long vacation or perhaps to spend a well earned retirement in a warmer, richer region then Sun Apartelle offers a very comfortable and inexpensive location. Do it differently. Enjoy your time in a warm place where the people are still friendly and have time. For July to October, Sun Apartelle offer special prices for long term stay.

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If you wish to know what travellers think of Sun Apartelle, go to TripAdvisor for reviews.

Sun Apartelle Corporation
Tawala, Panglao Island
Bohol 6340, Philippines
Tel.: 0063-38-502 90 63
Fax: 0063-38-502 90 64
Owners: Irena und Boris Heberer

(Photos and text: Sun Apartelle)

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