Panglao: Alumbung Resort

Alumbung Resort is a small tropical garden approximately 25 minutes away from Tagbilaran and five minutes ride from the renowned Alona Beach. The special shape of the nipa roof villas is derived from the typical Balinese Lumbung structure where the upper part of each hut served as a rice barn and the bottom part as a meeting place for the family.

Alumbung Resort have two accommodation categories to offer you, the Tropical villa and the Lumbung cottage. The Tropical villas’ upper floor brings you a spacious tropical room and the ground floor perfect for lounging around or preparing a meal in the fully furnished kitchens.

Come and stay in one of the four secluded and comfortable Lumbungs (traditional native Balinese rice barns with a Filipino touch) where you make the most of outdoor living. Ideal for a family vacation, and also for honeymooners or for people who just want to relax in a quiet, private, lush tropical paradise.

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Alumbung Resort
Daorong, Danao
Panglao, Bohol 6340
Phone: +63 38 502 5528
Mobile: +63 927 443 1769

(Photos and text: Alumbung Resort)

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