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This blog, Visit Bohol, aims to be a one stop shop for information about the fun island province of Bohol, primarily to a visitor who is a:
  • tourist (foreign or local; short- or long-term; new or returning)
  • visiting relative
  • returning Bol-anon (or Boholano)

Visit Bohol blog is written from the perspective of a homesick Bol-anon who has lived far away in a foreign land for almost a decade now. By writing this blog, the author hopes to somehow ease the longing for Bohol. Personally, this blog is dedicated to the author's children. He wants them to know more about the rich cultural and natural heritage of their parents' homeland, which they have visited a few times already even at their young age.

In keeping with the one stop shop concept, many of the blog articles will be secondary information, taken (with proper acknowledgment) from other blogs, newsites and other websites. And some articles will be reposted from the author's other blogs on Bohol - Bohol On My Mind and Baclayon (Bohol) Blog, which dealt on his own commentaries on life in Bohol.

The author strongly believes that this blog (or website for the more technically adept) should have been done by the province itself. It is more to their interest to promote Bohol to all visitors and thus help in achieving sustainable development of the province with the revenues that will be generated from the visits. Nevertheless, this blog will try to fill in that gap and do it's small part in promoting the beautiful province of Bohol - #1 for Fun in the Philippines!

The set-up of this blog was inspired from the website of Visit Cambridgeshire, the author's current home away from amazing Bohol.

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