Bohol - #1 for Fun in the Philippines

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Bohol is a prime eco-cultural tourism destination and a strong, balanced agro-industrial province, with a well-educated, God-loving and law-abiding citizenry, proud of their cultural heritage, enjoying a state of well-being and committed to sound environmental management. - Vision of Bohol Province

Bohol is currently one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines. It's not surprising considering its rich cultural and natural heritage that appeals to a lot of tourists, local and foreign alike.

Chocolate Hills. Tarsier. Beaches. Scuba diving. Dolphin watching. Fiesta. Sandugo. Baclayon Church. Loboc river cruise. E.A.T Danao. Francisco Dagohoy. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia. Kalamay. Peanut kisses. Broas. Friendly people. These are just among the many (I'm sure) random quick answers visitors will give you if you ask them to what do they equate Bohol with something.

But Bohol is also more than that. This blog will scour the online world for less well-known information or activities in Bohol that may appeal to future visitors. So, watch this space as Visit Bohol will tell you why Bohol is #1 for fun in the Philippines!

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