Panglao: Alona Beach


Alona Beach in Panglao town is famous for its coral white sand that stretches one and a half kilometers and ends in rocky cliffs at both sides. It is the most developed beach in Bohol and now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Fringed by tall swaying coconut palm trees, some of which are leaning towards the sea, and the azure waters beyond, Alona Beach is a tropical paradise! Enhancing its looks are the blue and white outrigger boats that line the beach area ready to take visitors on an island tour or dive safari.

The morning sun’s rays on the shimmering waters are beautiful to behold. Afternoons are shaded for the sun sets at the other side of the island. Yet when the sun has set and darkness settles in, the stars come out one by one and grace the night sky.

The waters off Alona Beach are rich in marine resources. In fact, a few meters from the shore are sea grasses which are the habitat of small colored fishes. You have to watch out for sea urchins though. They are a-plenty!

One hundred meters towards the deep is the edge of the “house” reef. Three to five meters down you will be able to see some corals and fishes even without diving equipment. This is an ideal place to snorkel.

Down into the deep, scuba divers are out diving at the various beautiful dive spots that had made Panglao Island diving known to the outside world.

Alona Beach is located at barangay Tawala, Panglao Island, around 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. Travel time from Tagbilaran City to Alona Beach may take to about 30-40 minutes.

Getting to Alona Beach is very easy. Just catch a tricycle or taxi from Tagbilaran. As of May 2008, a tricycle ride from the Tagbilaran seaport to Alona Beach cost Php 250-300. It could be slightly more depending on what time of year you are traveling. A taxi should not cost you more than Php 500, but tricycles seem much easier to find.

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