Baclayon: Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours

The waters of Baclayon are renowned throughout the Philippines as being the premier site for Dolphin and Whale Watching. Pamilacan Island is recognized in the scientific community as a breeding ground for a myriad of cetacean species, including many very rare varieties.

The many whales species that have been sighted in the waters include the short-finned pilot whale, melon-headed whale and pygmy killer whale. Dolphin species include the playful spinner dolphin, RissoĆ­s, bottlenose, spotted and Frasers dolphins. As of February 2011, many whale sharks have also been spotted off the cost of Pamilacan Island, suggesting a regeneration of a once thriving species in the area.

The tour spotters and guides, former hunters of the cetaceans, now use their traditional skills to help people appreciate wildlife encounters, which has made Pamilacan Island an award-winning success story.

Getting There
Tours start in Baclayon around 5am; the best time for cetacean sightings. Tours typically run until around 2pm including a stop on Pamilacan Island for swimming and snorkeling.

Tour prices depend upon the required boat size for passenger capacity.

- Small (1-7 people) – Php 3,000
- Medium (8-10 people) – Php 4,000
- Large (11-15 people) – Php 4,500
- Extra Large (16-20 people) – Php 5,000

Contact Details
Please contact the Baclayon Tourism Information & Activity Center (see Tourist info tab above) to book your Dolphin & Whale Watching experience.

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