Loboc: Tarsier Conservation Area

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The Tarsier Conservation Area is an initial six-hectare woodland area located in barangay Upper Bonbon, Loboc town. A stone's throw away from the Loboc part of the man-made forest, Tarsier Conservation Area is the new home of the captive tarsiers previously displayed for tourists along the Loboc River for decades.

The tarsier (Tarsius syrichta fraterculus) is Bohol tourism's mascot. It is known locally by many names - mamag, mago, magau, maomag, malmag and magatilok-iok. For decades, tarsiers in the Loboc riverbank were poked with sticks, blinded by flash cameras, endured day long petting and force feeding from tourists. Tarsier display owners were widely criticised for allowing this to happen.

An initial three-hectare area is now ready for tarsier viewing with pebbled pathways for visitors laid out around the wooded sanctuary while a thatched-roofed waiting area showcasing tarsier souvenirs has been constructed to accommodate the expected influx of visitors.

A 60-vehicle parking area with modern and clean rest rooms are all part of the 25-hectare Tarsier Conservation Area. Umbrellas are also available for the visitors during inclement weather while trained guides will usher tourists around the hilly terrain.

Entrance fee is Php 50 (40 for senior citizens and students with ID) and free for children 12 years and below.

Tarsier Conservation Area
Upper Bonbon, Loboc
Bohol 6316

(Info source: Bohol Chronicle)

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