Loon: Loon Macaques and Habitat

Loon Macaques and Habitat, one of Bohol's newest tourist attractions involves a species of crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis philippinensis) inhabiting the pristine mangrove forest in barangay Cantomucad, Loon town.

Considered as true monkeys, these animals have a very intricate social structure and hierarchy. If a macaque of lower status in the social chain has eaten berries and there are none left for a higher-level macaque, the latter can, within this social organization, remove the berries from the former’s mouth.

When the monkeys are nowhere found, they are most likely engaged in things they normally do, like looking for crabs, clams and mudskippers (“tambasakan”); clinging and sleeping on tree branches; or just playing around with family members.

Loon Macaques also features a well-protected mangrovetum or mangrove garden the species of which have been identified by the Bohol Environment Management Office. It has a receiving area and a boardwalk. There are no food service facilities available because the monkeys are sensitive to the smell of food.

Physical and aesthetic features
  • Parking area for vehicles
  • Visitors’ center with courtesy booth and restrooms
  • Souvenir shops for Loon-made products
  • Boardwalk over nipa and mangrove swamps
  • Platforms for feeding the macaques (by caretakers only)
  • Playing area for the crab-eating mangrove monkeys
  • Maximum of about twenty (20) head of monkeys especially during the early-morning feeding
  • Protected population of naturally growing mangrove trees
  • Appearance of natïve bird and butterfly species especially when the monkeys are away
  • Endemic population of mudskippers, fiddler crabs and other marine organisms
  • Mid-afternoon high-pitched droning of cicadas (“gangis”)

Viewing time
  • Macaques: 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN
  • Habitat: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Getting there
Barangay Cantomucad is about 35 km north of Tagbilaran passing by the town proper of Loon on the national highway. It is approximately 150 meters beyond the junction for the Catagbacan Pier.

  • Do not monkey around or make unnecessary noise.
  • Do not throw your garbage anywhere.
  • Do not feed the monkeys; our caretakers will do it or you.
  • Do not throw anything at the monkeys.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink within the macaques habitat.
  • Do not cut or bend the branches of trees.
  • Do not hunt for any wildlife.
  • Do not sneak into the boardwalk from any illegal access.
  • Do not stay on the boardwalk for more than 30 minutes.

For detailed information, please contact:

Reigh P. Monreal
Municipal Tourism Action Officer
+63 38 505 9131

Joermelyne Perez
Manager, Loon Macaques
+63 948 718 9616

(Text and photos: Municipality of Loon website)

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