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Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is your idyllic sanctuary, situated in Pangangan Island, one of the offshore islands of Bohol, Philippines -- known for pristine white sand beaches.

The Cebuano-Visayan word hayahay literally means comfort, but could also refer to one's achieved state of tranquility, serenity of island living, the soft warm breeze that touches your skin, or the calming sound of the soft waves brushing the shore.

Isla Hayahay Beach Resort and Restaurant is located in Barangay Lomboy on the island of Pangangan. The island is about 4.5 km off the east coast of Calape, Bohol, and has a total area of 946 hectares. About 115 hectares has been declared as a Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserve. The island is flat and characterized by sparse vegetation with some coconut trees, corn and cassava. Limestone outcrops on red sandy soil dominate most of its vacant and undeveloped areas.

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It is easily accessible by land, a 3.5-km causeway connects it to the mainland of Bohol. This coral-and-limestone causeway is lined and protected from strong waves and typhoons by mangroves.

The sea around Pangangan Island is ideal for a wide range of water activities. It offers excellent recreational opportunities for travelling sportsmen as well as more relaxing activities for those less inclined towards sport. Around the island, guests can snorkel, dive, fish, island hop or take a leisurely cruise around Calape Bay and beyond.

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Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant
Brgy. Lomboy, Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol
Tel. No. +639274965421 | +639994233514 | Fax: +630385079001

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