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The Butterfly Garden located in Poblacion, Bilar is owned by Simply Butterflies Conservation Center.

If you are a visitor in the Center you will find:
  • Hundreds of beautiful butterflies
  • Butterfly garden
  • Butterfly enclosure
  • Nature trail
  • Rest and snack area
  • Restaurant
  • Visitor center
  • Gift shop
  • Barbecue: with the famous BBQ Buko (barbecue coconut, very tasty and unique to the center so far)
  • Clean CR (rest rooms).

As for the butterflies there is also a feeding area, plant farm, breeding center and product workshop.

Virtual tour of the Center

Car Park
The car park is a big one! So don't worry about difficulty parking, there is room for everyone.

Visitor Center and Restaurant
The Visitor Center has displays about butterflies and garden insects. Periodic exhibitions are also put up here. It also houses a quality restaurant, where full meals and light snacks can be enjoyed in the open-air overlooking the gardens.

Butterfly Enclosure
The butterfly enclosure is a net structure. A uniquely created butterfly environment with a waterfall and shade plants for the butterflies to rest in. Also lots of flowering plants in the sunny area of the enclosure for the butterflies to congregate for feeding. There are over twenty species of local butterflies fluting about inside the enclosure, along with caterpillar feeding displays and information.

It contains many local butterflies and the plants they like, along with a small waterfall and other water sources for the butterflies. Many butterflies feed, breed and play here. Butterflies are released here everyday. Some butterflies choose to go into the wild from here, others come to stay.

Butterfly Garden
The open butterfly garden has been carefully created with specialized plants that attract the butterflies to the garden. There are over sixty species of local butterflies that naturally visit the garden.

The butterfly garden is full of butterflies and the plants they love. The plants have been carefully chosen to attract and feed the butterflies. The garden has been landscaped and has seating so you can relax and sit among the fluttering beauties, or take a stroll if you prefer.

Nature Trail
Enjoy the coolness of the Nature Trail. Off to one side of the garden there is a small tree covered hill, in which a short walking trail has been developed. Here you could find butterflies, birds, insects and other small wildlife.

Food and refreshments are also served in the main garden at the Barbeque Stand. Enjoy the country picnic like atmosphere. The short menu offers BBQ, hamburgers, sandwiches and rice dishes. Relax in the pagoda and watch the butterflies in the open garden.

Alternatively, take a virtual tour of the Center.

Getting there

From Tagbilaran City to Bilar, it’s about one hour drive (40kms). Depending on your choice of transport, the trip can take much longer.

The Center is located along the highway en route to Chocolate Hills. There is signage at the highway. The Center is just 5 minutes after the Man Made Forest, and about 1km before the Bilar public market.

For stylish comfortable options, Taxis and Tourist Vans can be found at the Tagbilaran sea port. Only Tourist Vans can be found at the city airport. The Center can arrange a prebooked taxi or van to pick up visitors from any point in Bohol if needed. Taxis can also be found outside BQ Mall and ICM Mall in the city. Price range Php1,000 to Php1,800.

For backpackers budget options, V-hire (public van) and Bus (public bus – not aircon) leave from the Integrated Bust Terminal (Dao Terminal) every 30mins, from early morning until about 5pm. From the city center to Dao Terminal is about Php 25 fare by tricycle, sometimes the driver will ask more if you have luggage. From the sea port or air port, expect to pay about double. Once at the Terminal just look for a signboard on a van or bus that reads CARMEN, all these vehicles will pass through Bilar. Just tell the driver or bus boys that you want to get down at the Butterfly Garden in Bilar, they all know where to stop. But if you get to Bilar market, they forgot to stop for you. Price range: Php40 to Php70.

For Adventure seekers options Motorbikes locally known as “habal-habal” leave from outside BQ mall. As for Tricycles, it might be hard to find a driver that will travel all the way to Bilar. Normally tricycle drivers at the sea port or air port are more open to the idea of going to Bilar. No price guide.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
Poblacion, Bilar
Bohol, Philippines

(Text: Simply Butterflies Conservation Center)

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