Baclayon: Pamilacan Island Paradise

Pamilacan Island Paradise is a beach villa located in the famous island barangay of Pamilacan in the town of Baclayon.

If your idea of a perfect holiday is spending it in a private and exclusive beach villa in a small tropical island, then Pamilacan Island Paradise is for you.

The beach villa is located on a seven hectare property with a half kilometre beach front. In there you will experience the virgin white sand beaches and mini coves and the tranquillity and solitude of like being in your own island paradise.

Pamilacan Island is famous for dolphin watching and is a popular diving site for experienced divers. Other activities available in the island include fishing trips, snorkelling, kayaking, massage and a guided walking tour of the island.

For reservations, please contact the Hotel Manager of Soledad Suites located at 50 Soledad Street, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Cel No: +63 920 928 2541
Tel No.: +63 38 411 3074 ; +63 38 501 7421
Telefax: +63 38 411 2117
Email: or

(Text and photo credits: Pamilacan Island Paradise)

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